SCRABBLE (TM) Puzzles: Book 1

SCRABBLE (TM) Puzzles: Book 1

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The ideal gift for all word gamers!A bumper book of more than 250 puzzles for word game lovers. Based on techniques required for Scrabble, these challenges have been designed to put your word power to the ultimate test. All words used are from the official Scrabble word list, so you learn as you play. Suitable for the whole family.

In this collection of word puzzles, you will Word Slider – move tiles in the grid to create multiple words Scrabble Word – a variation of Wordle, solve the anagram from the clues given Seven Letters – solve the given clues to find the hidden 7-letter word Scrabble Score – try and make the maximum score from a given rack of tiles Wordsearch – ideal for word training Anagram Challenges – unscramble the letters from the racks Give me a clue – fill in the blank tiles to match the definition Word Wheel – find as many words as you can with a given length Scrabble Soup – find the highest-scoring word you can in the grid of letters Word Ladder – get from the top of the ladder to the bottom by exchanging one letter at a time Star Letter – find the word that can be formed using every letter once and the star letter twice Consonant Crosswords – complete the crossword, where all the vowels have already been placed2022 Mattel.

SCRABBLE and SCRABBLE tiles, including S1 tiles, are trademarks of Mattel

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