Egypt's Red Sea Resorts Marco Polo Guide Guide

Egypt's Red Sea Resorts Marco Polo Guide Guide

Marco Polo Travel Publishing Ltd.

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Explore Egypt's Red Sea Resorts with Marco Polo!

This compact, straightforward guide is structured for ease of use. It gets you right to the heart of this fascinating region and provides you with all the latest information and lots of Insider Tips for the ultimate Egyptian adventure.

- Includes a road atlas and an additional pull-out map

- Clear, user-friendly layout

- Get your bearings with the 'Where to Start' panels and ensure you don't miss out on the key sights using the 'Highlights' section

- The 'Best Of' pages feature unique aspects of the islands and also suggest places to go for free, tips for things to do in very hot weather, and good places to relax.

Insider Tips and much more besides Marco Polo enable you to fully experience the Egyptian Riviera from the coral reefs off the coast of Marsa, Dahab, and Sharm El Sheikh to the desert monasteries of the Sinai Peninsula. Find out what other must-see attractions there are besides the ancient tombs and temples of Luxor and the picture-perfect beaches in Ras Mohammed National Park. Plus discover where you can dance the night away against a backdrop of majestic cliffs and unite the mind, body, and soul with a yoga course in front of St Catherine's Monastery.

With the Marco Polo Excursions and Tours you can explore the region around the Red Sea along specific routes, and the low-budget tips help you to save money. The author's Insider Tips encourage you to see the experience of the Red Sea and Sinai Peninsula individually and authentically. Don't go on holiday without a Marco Polo guide!

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