Cleopatra Tells All!

Cleopatra Tells All!

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I’m Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt – and the ultimate influencer.

At last, I’m allowed to tell my version of what happened.
Do they say I must have tricked Julius Caesar and Mark Antony into falling for me – really?!
They say I poisoned my brother. . no comment.
They say I’m a monster plotting to ruin Rome – as if! (I’m much more ambitious – I want to rule the world.)
Ignore the history books you’ve read before. Now it’s my turn to TELL ALL!

In this hilarious and revealing tell-all, the politically savvy, multilingual, cosmopolitan ruler of Alexandria, Cleopatra, reveals herself to be the world’s first influencer. Finally able to tell her version of events, she will have readers reeling at the remarkable skill with which she raised an army of mercenaries to counter her bullying brother and secure the support of two of the world’s most powerful men – Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Chris Naunton’s expert text is accompanied by Guilherme Karsten’s illustrations, which give the ancient Egyptian queen a relatable, modern make-over. Witty, contemporary, and full of sass, this is Cleopatra #nofilter.

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