Egyptian Postage: 1866–1967

Egyptian Postage: 1866–1967

AUC Press

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Sherif Boraie

When Khedive Ismail purchased Egypt's nascent postal service, the Posta Europea, from its Italian owner, Giacomo Muzzi, it had nineteen offices and branches in Egypt. As railways expanded, new postal branches were added. By the end of 1865, the Poste Egyptienne operated twenty-eight branches. That same year a branch of the Poste Egyptienne opened in Istanbul. This coincided with the re-organization of the maritime service between Egypt and Turkey and the addition of eight Egyptian-owned merchant ships under contract to the Medjidieh Co. which operated the Alexandria-Piraeus-Levant-Istanbul route. The following year, the Poste Egyptienne established branches in Smyrna (Izmir), Jeddah, and in 1870, in Gallipoli, Beirut, Cavalla, Salonika, Tripoli, and Rhodes. South of Aswan, the Poste opened branches in Souakin, Massawa, Khartoum and Kassala. And in 1877, eight more branches were opened in the Sudan. This beautifully illustrated book tells the extraordinary, multifaceted story of Egypt's postal service, one of the country's oldest and most durable institutions of government.

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