Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt

Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt

AUC Press

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Linda Bailey

While all their friends are away on exciting summer holidays, the Binkerton twins, Emma and Josh, are stuck at home with their little sister, Libbyuntil they stumble into a grimy travel agency where the mysterious Julian T. Pettigrew gives them an old travel guide. As Josh opens the book, there is a terrible, wonderful flash, and the Binkertons find that they've traveled back in timeto ancient Egypt!

What follows is a thrilling and action-packed journey filled with kid-eating crocodiles, tomb robbers, and some very angry guards. The only way back to the present is to read every word of Pettigrew's fact-filled guidebook. Will the Binkertons ever make it home?

Through a delightful blend of fact and fiction, this fast-paced graphic novel takes readers on a whirlwind tour of an ancient civilization.

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