Amarna: Life Under the Sun: An Egyptian Story and Activity Book

Amarna: Life Under the Sun: An Egyptian Story and Activity Book

BLKVLD Publishers

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Designed for children aged 7-11 and their teachers, and beautifully illustrated throughout, this book explores daily life in ancient and modern Egypt. Meet Nofret and Rahotep, two ancient Egyptian children who live in the city of Akhetaten some 3000 years ago. Meet Amira and Omar, who live in modern Amarna in the towns that now overlie much of the ancient archaeological site. Watch as these children's lives unfold through their parallel stories, which compare themes such as food, fashion and family life across the millennia. The book is an ideal learning tool for the home or the classroom as key topics from the story are accompanied by hands-on activities that provide more detail on life in ancient Egypt with a focus on ancient Amarna. Discover why the pharaoh Akhenaten decided to build a new capital city and change the religion of ancient Egypt. Find detailed instructions to make mudbricks, bake ancient Egyptian bread and weave cloth, alongside creative writing, maths, science and art activities, all based on key areas of school curricula and which challenge the usual stereotypes about Egyptian life.

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