The First Numbers

The First Numbers

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Touch-Feel and Learn! Come on, touch the pages and learn the numbers by feeling! A great book for pleasant days with your baby!

In the first years of life, children want to perceive the outside world by touch. Taking in their hands and examining everything they have just discovered strengthens their perceptions. First Numbers is designed to appeal to children aged 0-3. Each page in the content of the book consists of reliefs prepared for children's fingers.

Encourages children to explore with their hands. On the pages of the book, there are numbers prepared in relief form and sequentially from 1 to 5. Opposite the numbers, there are animal figures that express this number and are prepared in the same way in relief. Pages prepared reciprocally, in the same number and in the same color, support the formation of children's basic math skills in a fun way.

The child can feel the number with his fingers. The reader's support and the number perception are strengthened with the images found opposite each other in the book.

Thanks to its size, children in this age group can easily grasp the book. Its thick page structure protects the book from natural reactions from children such as pulling, tearing, putting it in the mouth. In this way, it can be used for a long time. The fact that the child can easily take the book in his hand and examine it freely by giving reactions that are natural to his development supports him to establish a positive bond with the book that will affect his development in the long run.

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