The Essential Baby Care Guide

The Essential Baby Care Guide

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 Having a baby is a fantastic event but it can be intense and challenging. From the start, there are so many vital things to understand and parents don't always know to whom or where to turn. With a panel of experts including Professor Robert Winston, The Royal College of Paediatrics and St John Ambulance offering up-to-date advice, this books gives well researched, medically backed-up information to help parents make the right decisions for themselves and for their baby. Looking at a range of subjects such as sleeping, feeing and first aid, each chapter is structured around common questions asked by parents. Amongst many others, the areas covered include: breastfeeding; how to maintain a bond between mother and baby if you choose to formula feed; moving to solids; health issues such as recognising a meningitis rash; when to go to hospital, immunisations and how they work; how to soothe your baby when crying; a guide to your baby's sleeping patterns; a guide to your baby's social, physical and cognitive development; and finally advice on safety and infant first aid. The Essential Baby Care Guide is the third in the series of reference books compiled by The Essential Parent Company and advised by Professor Robert Winston. With tips, lists of do's and don'ts and case studies, this book give you everything you need to know to look after your new baby in the first twelve months.

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