Understanding Hieroglyphs: A Quick and Simple Guide

Understanding Hieroglyphs: A Quick and Simple Guide

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Hilary Wilson

For more than 1500 years the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt defied interpretation but were thought to conceal ancient wisdom and religious secrets.

When at last they were deciphered, the hieroglyphs provided a surprisingly vivid picture of all areas of life, from religious myth and ritual to the everyday concerns of ordinary people.

In Understanding Hieroglyphs, Hilary Wilson provides translations of hundreds of the most commonly used hieroglyphs, with examples from monuments, documents and museum exhibits.

At the same time, she explains the significance of the terms used, so that the reader gains a fuller understanding of what the original scribe was trying to convey.

Fully illustrated throughout with line drawings, tables and maps, this extraordinary book will enthral anyone who wants to have the satisfaction of actually being able to read some of the hieroglyphs that adorn the hundreds of Egyptian monuments and artefacts in Egypt and beyond - unlocking the secrets of this ancient civilization.

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