How to Draw Fairies

How to Draw Fairies

Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd

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Chaffey Samantha

How to Draw Fairies is full of fantastic guidance on different drawing techniques, such as drawing figures, for kids to learn to draw like an expert! From professional techniques, such as mastering facial features, to ideas about props and scenery, How to Draw Fairies will encourage kids to use their imaginations and creativity.

Inside How to Draw Fairies: . 15 fairy characters for kids to practise drawing . Clear, easy step-by-step drawing instructions for kids to follow . Important drawing techniques covered such as mastering fairy fashion, how to show movement and expert tips on how to sketch .

Fairy picture gallery for extra inspiration and advice Fairies included are: Tooth Fairy, Fairy Godmother, Christmas Fairy, Fairy Prince, Toadstool Fairy, Buttercup Fairy, Fairy Princess, Rose Fairy, Spring Cleaning Fairy, Summer Fairy, Autumn Fairy, Winter Fairy, Baby Fairy, Fairy King, Fairy Queen

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