Diplomacy Arabic

Diplomacy Arabic

Edinburgh University Press

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Yehia Mohamed; Elisabeth Kendall

Contains user-friendly lists of Arabic-English diplomacy terms with brief definitions

What is the word for ‘peacebuilding’ in Arabic? How would you translate ‘multilateral negotiations’? This vocabulary gives you ready-made lists of 1,300+ Arabic expressions, terms and idioms in 10 key areas of diplomatic discourse:

  • General
  • Concepts & Practices
  • Diplomatic Service & Protocol
  • Organisations
  • Elections & Government
  • Negotiations
  • Treaties & Agreements
  • Conflict Resolution & Defence
  • Civil Society & Human Rights
  • Globalisation & Economic Development

Key Features

  • Groups terms in thematic sections
  • Easy-to-learn lists to test translation
  • Check your pronunciation with online audio resources
  • Includes an alphabetical index of all English-language terms to help you find the translation of the precise word you're looking for


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