Willing to Die: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with shocking twists

Willing to Die: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with shocking twists

Hodder & Stoughton

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Lisa Jackson

'Shiveringly good suspense!' Lisa Gardner THE LATEST BOOK IN A GRIPPING SERIES FROM 30 MILLION COPY SELLING AUTHOR. A mother will do anything to protect her baby . . .

WHEN A KILLER HAS NOTHING TO LOSE The crime scene is as puzzling as it is brutal. Paul and Brindel Latham are found dead in their beautiful San Francisco home, each the victim of a gunshot wound to the head. THERE'S EVERY REASON For Detective Regan Pescoli, news of her sister's death brings grief and guilt.

She and Brindel weren't close, and Pescoli barely knows her teenage niece, Ivy, who lands on her doorstep in Grizzly Falls, Montana. Though Pescoli is on maternity leave, she's soon deeply involved in a very personal investigation. TO BE AFRAID . . . But as the list of suspects keeps growing, so does the body count.

And Pescoli is about to find that both her and her loved ones are at the mercy of a killer who'll go to any lengths to see her suffer . . . 'She is one of the best' Harlan Coben WANT TO SEE WHERE IT ALL BEGAN? BUY THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES, LEFT TO DIE, NOW Praise for Lisa Jackson 'Jackson shows yet again why she is one of the best.

A pure nail biter' Harlan Coben on You Don't Want to Know 'Shiveringly good suspense! Each chapter will leave you wondering who to trust. The answer: You don't want to know . . .'Lisa Gardner on You Don't Want to Know 'Absolutely tension filled...Jackson is on top of her game' Suspense Magazine on Tell Me

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