A City Through Time

A City Through Time

Dorling Kindersley Ltd

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Steve Noon

Follow the story of a city from an ancient colony to a vast modern metropolis through stunning full-color illustrations. A City Through Time will transport you back to another age, as the award-winning Steve Noon brings the past to life in style.

Panoramic scenes presented in a unique cutaway style are packed with colorful pictures showing everyday life in the city across the centuries. Clear descriptions surround each beautiful and jam-packed illustration to make sure the details aren't lost as you meet the characters who live and work there.

Plus, each scene has a page devoted to key features, so you can get up close to a Roman bath-house, a medieval castle, or a modern skyscraper. A photographic section profiles great cities throughout history and a glossary tells you what you need to know about architecture, technology, work, and costumes throughout the ages.

Steve Noon's A City Through Time is perfect for parents and children to look at together or for school projects. The more you look, the more you'll see.

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