The Disappearance

The Disappearance

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Katherine Webb

'Gripping, heart-wrenching and painfully real. An absolute triumph' Iona Grey What was hidden will be revealed... When Frances' best friend Bronwyn disappeared over twenty years ago, her body was never found. The mystery over what happened has cast a shadow over Frances' life ever since.

Now, it's 1942 and bombs are raining down on Bath. In the chaos a little boy - Davy Noyle - goes missing. Frances was meant to be looking after him and she is tortured by guilt at his disappearance. Where has he gone, and could he possibly have survived? But bombs conceal, and they reveal - and as quiet falls and the dust settles, a body is disturbed from its hiding place.

What happened all those years ago? And can Frances put the wrongs of the past right again...? Praise for The Disappearance: 'A wonderful wartime story . . . A huge treat' Kate Riordan 'I couldn't have loved it more. Riveting, haunting, beautifully written . . . a stunner!' Jenny Ashcroft 'Evocative.

Totally transporting. This is a rich and delicious multi-layered read' Eve Chase 'A beautifully written and emotionally involving mystery...highly recommended' Amanda Jennings 'Immersive, powerful and beautifully written, The Disappearance had me hooked from the first page to the last. I loved it' Judith Kinghorn Your favourite authors love Katherine Webb: 'An enormously talented writer' Santa Montefiore 'Katherine Webb's writing is beautiful' Elizabeth Fremantle 'Webb has a true gift for uncovering the mysteries of the human heart' Kate Williams 'A truly gifted writer of historical fiction' Lucinda Riley

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