The Faithful Dog: Facts and breed information on our canine friends

The Faithful Dog: Facts and breed information on our canine friends

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Fern Collins

Man's best friend, his most loyal companion, and trusted partner. Have you ever looked into a dog's eyes and seen that unblinking love? Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, but the condition of their hearts is always the same. They are of adoration, for their human and their next meal, and are a staple in many households. Over 100 million households across the world have a dog as their pet, and is it any wonder that they are so well loved? Dogs teach responsibility, offer companionship, and are excellent tiny space heaters.

Mankind's relationship with the dog can be traced back thousands of years, and it is indeed probably our oldest non-human companion. Despite the huge variations in size and appearance, all breeds of domesticated dog belong to a single species, Canis Familiaris. No other species of animal in the world exists in so many forms, and this is because the majority of breeds have come about as the result of man's intervention to assist in hunting, herding, and protection. Despite this, they are adapted perfectly to be our good and faithful friends. Look further into this fascinating book to discover all that is interesting about dogs including information on breeds, poetry, quotes, and other interesting facts about our four legged friends.


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