Advanced English-Arabic Translation: A Practical Guide

Advanced English-Arabic Translation: A Practical Guide

Edinburgh University Press

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El Mustapha Lahlali; Wafa Abu Hatab

This is your one-stop practical guide to translating text from English into Arabic. This clearly structured guide will help learners who already have a basic grasp of Arabic to hone their translation skills. The texts chosen for translation exercises have been carefully selected from a variety of authentic, contemporary sources to introduce learners to the stylistic features they will encounter, helping them to develop their skills across a range of genres. It provides examples that cover media, legal, scientific & technical, literary, religious and administrative texts. It offers clear explanations and worked examples that develop your understanding of the translation process. It includes lots of drills and exercises that help you to enhance and refine your translation skills. Exemplary translations to check your own work against: perfect for self-learning.

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