Feasts From the Middle East

Feasts From the Middle East

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Comptoir Libanais; Tony Kitous

A celebration of authentic Middle Eastern food, Feasts from the Middle East is packed with over 100 deliciously fresh, fragrant and flavorful dishes, inspired by the souks of Lebanon.

Whether you're after breakfast with a twist, a quick-fix lunch, or a sumptuous spread fit for a gathering of your loved ones, this gorgeous cookery book, featuring vibrant food photography throughout, is packed with recipes you can easily make, eat and share in your own kitchen, lovingly created by Tony Kitous, founder of the Comptoir Libanais restaurants, and the Comptoir chefs.

Recipes include: Aubergine shakshuka Spiced fried squid with harissa sauce Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb Chicken and chickpea stew Fried red mullet with crisp bread and tahina Stuffed peppers Semolina, almond and orange blossom honey cake Fig, halloumi and pistachio tart

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