KhufuÕs Wisdom

KhufuÕs Wisdom

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Naguib Mahfouz

Pharaoh Khufu is battling the Fates. At stake is the inheritance of EgyptÕs throne, the proud but tender heart of KhufuÕs beautiful daughter Princess Meresankh, and KhufuÕs legacy as a sage, not savage, ruler.
As the tale begins, Khufu is bored in his great palace at Memphis. To entertain him, his architect Mirabu expounds on the mighty masterwork he has so far spent ten years building, with little yet showing above groundÑwhat will become the Great Pyramid of Giza. Mirabu and the clever vizier Hemiunu tempt him with other amusements as wellÑbut to no avail. Then one of the kingÕs sons fetches a magician with the power to predict the future. The sorcerer says that KhufuÕs own offspring will not inherit EgyptÕs throne after him, but that it will fall instead to a son born that very morning to the High Priest of Ra. Furious, Khufu and his crown prince, the ruthless Khafra, set out to change the decree of the FatesÑwhich fight back in the form of Djedefra, the boy at the center of the prophecy, and his heartÕs desire, Princess Meresankh. Yet will the unsuspecting Khufu survive the intrigue around himÑnot only to finish his long-awaited book of wisdom, but to become truly wise?

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