Cairo: The City Victorious

Cairo: The City Victorious

AUC Press

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Max Rodenbeck

After 5,000 years of continuous habitation, Cairo remains the greatest metropolis in its quarter of the globe. The seat of pharaohs and sultans, the prize of conquerors from Alexander to Napoleon, the city has never stopped reinventing itself. The Victorious is what the Arabs called Cairo, and the indomitable spirit of the place still merits the name. Max Rodenbeck's richly textured biography combines a sweeping timescale with a keen eye for telling detail. It traces the life of Cairo from birth the ancient Egyptians believed Creation itself took place therethrough the heights of medieval splendor, and on to the present day. Modern Cairo is a place of stark contrasts. Skyscrapers abut ancient tombs and genteel colonial mansions. Pulled between the cultural poles of Paris and Mecca, the citys population struggles under a double load as they cope with the burden of an incomparably rich past as well as the challenges of the future. Cairo: The City Victorious is a cultural excavation of one of the worlds great cities. Fusing the excitement of travel with the stimulation of history, it is an epic, resonant work.

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