The Tomb Chapel of Menna (TT 69): The Art, Culture, And Science Of Painting In An Egyptian Tomb

The Tomb Chapel of Menna (TT 69): The Art, Culture, And Science Of Painting In An Egyptian Tomb

AUC Press

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Edited by Melinda Hartwig

The most detailed set of studies ever on all aspects of one of the most beautifully decorated Egyptian non-royal tombs, new in paperback

This lavishly illustrated book is the culmination of a project to document and conserve the tomb of Menna, one of the most beautiful and complex painted tombs of the ancient Egyptian necropolis at Luxor. Through conservation, the tomb, which previously lay open to environmental influence, was brought back to its former glory.

Aided by non-invasive methods of scientific analysis, the historical and cultural importance of Menna’s paintings can now be viewed and studied and enjoyed by a worldwide audience. High-definition photography and drawings complement specialist essays by scholars, scientists, and technicians, who discuss the artistic and cultural significance of the paintings, their architectural context, and scientific importance.

Directed by Dr. Hartwig and administered by the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) as part of its Egyptian Antiquities Conservation Project, the project was funded by a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), sponsored by Georgia State University, and carried out in collaboration with Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities.


– Cristina Beretta is based in Edinburgh, Scotland
– Pieter Collet lives in the Netherlands
– Katy Doyle lives in Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
– Elsa van Elslande, Laboratoire d’Archéologie Moléculaire et Structurale (LAMS), CNRS is based in Paris, France
– Renata García Moreno, University of Liège, Belgium
– Melinda Hartwig, Georgia State University, Atlanta (USA)
– François-Philippe Hocquet, University of Liège, Belgium
– Gregory Howarth is based in London, England
– Alexandra Kosinova is based in London, England
– Kerstin Leterme, University of Liège, Belgium
– Bianca Madden is based in Oxford, England
– François Mathis, University of Liège, Belgium
– Mark Perry is co-director of the Perry Lithgow Partnership Ltd., Chipping Norton, England
– David Strivay, University of Liège, Belgium
– Douglas Thorp is based in London, England
– Peter Vandenabeele, Ghent University, Belgium

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