Yalla! Let's Learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs

Yalla! Let's Learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs

AUC Press

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Authors Dina El Dik and Emad Iskandar

Mastering the conjugation of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) verbs is an essential part of the student's learning process, and it is equally challenging for instructors to ensure that the student has internalized them correctly. Yalla! Let's Learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs is a practical tool to help both students and teachers of Arabic in the classroom. The book presents the three hundred most frequently used verbs in ECA, each one categorized according to ECA verb patterns, which are based on those used in Modern Standard Arabic.

The verbs are fully conjugated in the present/imperfect and past/perfect tenses in the affirmative and the negative, each entry also listing imperatives and active participles. This resource focuses on pronunciation, rather than reading or writing, in order to help students gain fluency in spoken Egyptian Arabic. To this end, each verb in the book is spelled phonetically.

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