Butterfly Wings: An Egyptian Novel

Butterfly Wings: An Egyptian Novel

AUC Press

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Mohamed Salmawy

A chance encounter on a plane throws together Doha, a fashion designer unhappily married to a leading figure in the Mubarak regime, and Ashraf, an academic and leading dissident. The story of their relationship and DohaÕs self-discovery runs alongside a young EgyptianÕs search for the mother he never knew, and these intersecting narratives unfold against the background of political protests that culminate in the overthrow of the regime.
A moving and at times humorous story, Butterfly Wings is an extended allegory of EgyptÕs modern experience of authoritarian rule and explores the fractures and challenges of a society at the moment of revolutionary transformation.
Mohamed SalmawyÕs almost prophetic novel was first published in Arabic immediately prior to the events of 25 January 2011, and has been celebrated as Ôthe novel that predicted the Revolution.Õ

First published in Arabic in 2011 by al-Dar al-Misriya al-Libnaniya as Ajnihat al-farasha.

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