Islamism in the Shadow of al-Qaeda

Islamism in the Shadow of al-Qaeda

AUC Press

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FranÔøΩois Burgat

Bringing the authorÕs decades of expertise to the complex dialogues that have marked the post-9/11 world, Islamism in the Shadow of al-Qaeda delivers much-needed clarity and historical perspective.
In BurgatÕs eyes, most of the westÕs political and media rhetoric has only fueled al-QaedaÕs case, revealing a woeful lack of comprehension regarding the violent authoritarianism that divides the Middle East and creates a breeding ground for terrorism. Islamism in the Shadow of al-Qaeda provides a primer of the three eras of political Islam, from the 1928 founding of the Muslim Brothers to the rise of post-colonial dictatorships and the growth of radicalism. Offering a new roadmap for stability, Burgat bridges the ideologiesÑ political, religious, and culturalÑthat must be traversed if the deadly sectarianism is to be superseded.

ÒBurgatÕs book delivers the keys to the writings of Azzam, Zawahiri, and bin Laden.Ó
ÑLe Monde Diplomatique
ÒUnlike his contemporaries, Burgat doesnÕt give in to the media-talk that surrounds us. . . . With his immense historic and sociological background, he offers us a complete, panoramic view of that Arabic Other. . . . Few know the Arab Muslim world better than Burgat.Ó

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