Egypt Unexpected: 1001 Days in Photographs

Egypt Unexpected: 1001 Days in Photographs

AUC Press

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Silvia Dogliani

This book of extraordinary photographs of the Ôother sideÕ of Egypt is the result of the more than three years that Italian photojournalist Silvia Dogliani spent in the country, traveling, meeting people, and looking out for the unexpected. Through her pictures she presents a remarkableÑand differentÑportrait of Egypt, avoiding the well-known history and the popular views, focusing instead on life as it is lived by its people. Three main oppositions are the focus of this book: NoiseÑthe infinite variety of sounds that are lifeÕs constant backgroundÑand SilenceÑsecretly hidden and always desired; SpiritÑa fascinating labyrinth of beliefsÑand MovementÑthe action of lively faces and places; PastÑthe magnificent memories touched by nostalgiaÑand FutureÑthe fervent wish for improvement. Complementing the 150 color pictures are informal interviews with Egyptians and non-Egyptians from all walks of lifeÑboth the famous and the not so famousÑwhose words give a further feeling of the real Egypt, an insight beyond the pyramids, temples, and tombs.