Islam: Art and Architecture

Islam: Art and Architecture

AUC Press

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Markus Hattstein

The rapid expansion of Islam in its early days encouraged a unique absorption and integration of disparate cultural forms and traditions. This book follows the historical development of the Islamic regions and their ruling dynasties, and illustrates their greatly varied forms of artistic expression from the birth of the religion to the present day. Basic architectural elements demonstrate, in their diverse modes of execution, the independence of regional building traditions. In the restrained yet inventive brick and tile ornamentation of Uzbekistan, just as in the bright, naturalistic arabesque of India or Iran, and in the ubiquitous geometrical ornamentation of Spain and the Maghreb, clear forms of expression are manifest, celebrating the riches and beauty of GodÕs creation. This impulse also inspires the colorful and fantastical book illustrations and calligraphy, sumptuous tapestries, extravagant metalwork, ceramics, and jewelry produced by all Islamic cultures.

Contributors: Mukaddima Aschrafi, Marianne Barrucand, Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom, Sergej Chmelnizkij, Volkmar Enderlein, Joachim Gierlichs, Almut von Gladiss, Julia Gonnella, Oleg Grabar, Annette Hagedorn, Markus Hattstein, Wolfgang Holzwarth, Natascha Kubisch, Jesœs Bermœdez L—pez, Sibylle Mazot, Viktoria Meinecke-Berg, Elke Niewšhner-Ederhard, Peter W. Schienerl, Philippa Vaughan.