The End of Spring

The End of Spring

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Sahar Khalifeh

In The End of Spring, Sahar Khalifeh chronicles the struggle of the Palestinian people with a humane depiction of Palestinian resistance fighters during the 2002 siege of Yasir ArafatÕs official headquarters. KhalifehÕs tender and moving portrayal of her protagonists delves into the inner consciences of the men and women and children who were involved in the actual resistanceÑor were simply caught in the middle. These characters come alive through KhalifehÕs use of Palestinian colloquial diction, as does the setting, through her measured attention to the details of the natural surroundings in which the characters live, fight, and die.
The End of Spring is a riveting novel that captures the readerÕs attention from beginning to end. It gives a heart and a face to the Palestinian struggle.