Egyptian Customs And Festivals

Egyptian Customs And Festivals

AUC Press

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Samia Abdennour

How do Egyptian Muslims celebrate Ramadan? How do CoptsÑEgyptian ChristiansÑcelebrate Easter? What should you expect to find on the table when invited to eat in an Egyptian home? What do you say when an Egyptian colleague sneezes? Exactly what do Egyptians do with a mortar and pestle, a sieve, and a bag of nuts seven days after the birth of a baby?
Samia Abdennour, once an outsider from Palestine, now thoroughly at home in Egypt, is here to tell you all about these mattersÑand many more. In a book that aims to introduce the unfamiliar newcomer or interested foreign reader to the hows, whats, and whys of Egyptians life, the author covers such diverse topics as birth, marriage, and death; religious festivals and fasting; food in the home and on the street; business etiquette and terms of politeness. She describes how some traditions differ between the two religious communities, the Muslims and the Copts, and how some customs are shared by all EgyptiansÑlike the spring festival of Shamm al-Nisim (Ôsmelling the breezesÕ) that goes back to pharaonic times.
With Egyptian Customs and Festivals, you need never be at a loss in a social situation in EgyptÑor fail to understand what your neighbors are up to. Illustrated throughout with color photographs of daily life and special occasions, this fascinating and informative book is a must-have for anyone new to Egyptian culture.