The Great Book of Ancient Egypt (Spanish edition): In the Realm of the Pharaohs

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Zahi Hawass

In this superbly illustrated volume, distinguished Egyptologist Zahi Hawass guides readers through the architectural landscape of pharaonic Egypt, from the houses and palaces of the living to the temples of the gods to the tombs of the dead.
Hundreds of color photographs and a compelling text unveil the mysteries of ancient Egypt as unearthed through major excavations, revealing fresh insight into how the ancient Egyptians lived, how they prepared for death, and how they perceived their own place within the universe. The Great Book of Ancient Egypt takes readers on a tour of the most important sites of ancient Egypt from the Pyramids of Giza to the Valley of the Kings to Abu Simbel. It recounts the history of the most famous kings and queens and sheds light on the everyday lives of the people.
Hawass shares details of his personal archaeological adventures and reveals his own sense of awe of the magic and mystery of the pharaohs. Through his narrative, accompanied by a wealth of outstanding photographs, readers will learn little-known facts about the lives of the people and royalty of ancient Egypt.

Spanish Edition

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