The Critical Case of a Man Called K: A Novel

The Critical Case of a Man Called K: A Novel

AUC Press

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Aziz Muhammad

A sensitive and at times darkly humorous story of a young manÕs experience of illness, his contemplation of death, and his determination to maintain his independence through it all

Shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction

After reading Kafka, K decides to write his own diary, but he is constantly frustrated by his lack of experiences: he is worn down by the drudgery of his corporate job for a faceless corporation and by his incessant family obligations.

When he receives the news that he has leukemia, he finds himself torn between a sense of devastation and a revelation that he has finally found a way out of his writing predicament.

Through MohammedÕs measured but forceful writing, this compelling debut has a universality that reaches across time, place, and culture.

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