A World To Discover

A World To Discover

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A World to Discover (Pack of 3 Books) –

• From numbers to colours and opposites to animal sounds, there’s something for every little learner!

This pack contains 3 chunky boardbooks – Numbers, Animal Sounds and Opposites.

Discover a world of… numbers! Little ones will be able to count to ten once they’ve explored this colourful mini board book.

3 – THREE croaking frogs leap up high.
4 – FOUR white clouds float in the sky.
7 – SEVEN little mice Scurry around.
8 – EIGHT pretty flowers grow from the ground.

Discover a world of… animal sounds! Little ones will be able to read and repeat all the noises of the animal kingdom with this cute and cuddly mini board book!
Monkey CHATTERS, Sheep says BAA
Chick Cheeps, bear says growl

Discover a world of… opposites! Little ones will learn their early opposites with this adorable mini board book.
BIG Elephant stomps about in his boots…
SMALL bugs tumble, scuttle and scoot.
Speedy young Hare always runs FAST…
And SLOW little Tortoise often comes last.

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